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How to Configure Alias Interface on UTM

19-02-2020 16:55:25



IP aliasing is associating more than one IP address to a network interface. It allows us to provide multiple network addresses to a single physical base interface. Adding Alias feature gives the base interface another identity. The zone of base interface is the zone of Alias.


Applicable Version: All




Configuring alias IP in Seqrite UTM.

   1. WAN IP: /24

            a) Alias1 IP: /24

            b) Alias2 IP: /24

            c) Alias3 IP: /24 

Note: You must be logged in the Seqrite UTM with admin user with read-write access.

Step 1. Navigating from Functional options

  • Open the Network option in the Left pane.
  • Click the Interface option.
  • Then click Add.

Step 2. Adding Alias interface



Select the Type as Alias.

Alias ID

It is a unique number used to identify the Alias

Alias ID can from 1-255

Note: Alias ID must not be same

Base Interface

It will the physical interface onto which we want to configure the alias.

Note: We can only configure the alias on configured interface


Enter the IPv4 address provided by the Service provider

Subnet Mask

Enter the subnet mask provided by the Service provider

  • Configuring an alias /24 on WAN(eth1) interface of Seqrite UTM.

Note: Do not add IPv4 Gateway for WAN base interface if it is within the same subnet.

  • Similarly we can configure the remaining alias ip addresses.

Step 3. Verification of all alias configuration

Note: In order for the alias to work, the WAN interface must always be green. IP/port forwarding facility can be enjoyed using alias interfaces.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance