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How to Configure Update Agent in SEQRITE 8.1

17-04-2023 01:53:01

Overview: This article helps you to assign the Update Agent to the client system and configure the Update Agent in Endpoint Security console 8.1.

To assign the Update Agent to the client, follow these steps:

1. On the Status page, select the endpoints for which you want to assign the update agent role.

2. The client action bar is enabled above the table. In the Client Actions drop down, select Update Agent Role.

3. In the Please Select drop down, select Assign.

4. Click Submit.

5. A confirmation message appears. Click YES.

6. The update agent role is assigned to the selected endpoint. On the Status page, the legend for Update Role Assigned is displayed for the respective endpoint.

Note: In case you want to remove Update Agent role from the selected endpoint, go to Client Action option. Select Revoke Action and Submit.

To Configure the Update Agent settings, follow these steps:

1. On the Status page, identify and click the endpoint name with update agent role.

2. The Endpoint Status page appears. You can see the label as Update Agent. Click the Switch to Update Agent button.

3. The Update Agent page appears. The endpoint name and IP address of the endpoint where update agent is installed are displayed.

In the Status tab, the status of the update Agent is shown.

The Settings tab shows the configuration for Update Agent.

4. In the Settings tab, expand and enable Update Settings.

5. Under Update Type, you can select either of the following update options:
Automatic: Select this option to enable automatic update of SEQRITE Endpoint Security. However, this feature is enabled by default. It is recommended that you do not disable this feature.
Custom: If you select this option, configure the daily or weekly update of SEQRITE Endpoint Security.

6. Select the Update Mode from the following options:

- Download from Internet Center: Helps to download the updates from the default Internet Center.

- Download from Specified URL: Helps to obtain the updates from a specified endpoint that has the updates downloaded by the connected system.

- Pick from specified path: Helps to pick updates from the specified path.

7. Select the OS for which updates are needed from the list of OS available on systems.

Now we can assign created Update Agent in the policy.


1. Open the Policy tab.

2. Click the Edit icon of the policy which you want to configure for Update Agent.

3. Click on Update settings

4. Click Update.

5. Expand Update Mode.

6. By default, Download from internet is selected.

7. But after assigning the Update Agent, you can select Download from specific Update Agents.

8. If you select Download from Specified Update Agents, Update agent list is activated. Select the Update Agent from the list. The Antivirus Setup will be downloaded from the first Update Agent. If any Update Agent fails, the updates will be downloaded as per the sequence in this list. You can reorder this list to change the sequence.
If all the Update Agents fail, then the Antivirus Setup will be downloaded from the Seqrite Internet center.

9. Click Save to save the policy.

All the clients will take updates from the selected update agent.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.