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How to Connect UTM using Serial Console Cable

19-02-2020 16:55:25


A serial connection can be established between any UTM Appliance and a PC using a console/serial cable (cable having a 9 pin DB supplied with the UTM appliance).

Putty is an open source SSH and Telnet client, can be used to setup the serial connection.

To setup a serial console connection between Seqrite UTM and a PC, follow the steps given below:

Applicable Version: All 

PART A: – 2nd Generation UTM (T2 –Series)


 1. Connect one end of the cable (RJ -45) on the console port provided on the Front   Panel of the device.

2. Launch Putty / Teraterm Application and select connection type as serial and set Speed as 115200.

3. Click on open connection. After this you will get login prompt screen. Use admin password for login.

4. After you login with the credentials you will get the following options. By selecting these options you can configure and manage UTM services.

PART B: - T1 – Series UTM


If you are using T1S series of device, in order to get login prompt you need to follow the below steps. You will get the OS version that is installed on UTM.

2. After this press ‘e’ to enter into grub menu and make changes in grub. This needs to be done for each reboot.

3. To modify grub do the following.Scroll down to line which starts with 'linux16', press button 'end' to reach end of the line and type 'console=ttyS0,115200' as shown above and press Cntrl+x. ( in case of device installation also this step will help you and you would see further installation process and after two reboot you can see login screen)

4. Once login screen is visible, login as “admin” to configure UTM and manage the services.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance