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How to Sync the Active Directory in Seqrite UTM.

27-02-2020 13:13:34


Network enterprises that have a large number of users, popularly manage user credentials via a centralized system. The centralized system ensures user identification across all the networked enterprise resources and services. Users to benefit immensely, as they need a singular credential to access anything across the network enterprise.


Authenticate the users, based on their Directory Service Credentials.

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1. For this example, we are going to create a user in our Active Directory domain to use for testing. We'll call this user 'tsc1' and add her to a new OU or organizational unit called 'TSC'.

2. Enter the information for your AD server. To assist with entering this information you can always run a 'dsquery' at the server's command prompt. For the UTM to search the entire domain, simply enter the 'DC=(domain name), DC=(domain suffix)' or for one single user you can include the 'CN=(username)'.

Find in the 'Base DN' address using below command

“ dsquery ou -name T* ”

Find in the 'Bind DN' address using below command

“dsquery user -name T* ”

Note: Bind password is which created user in active directory for eg. tsc1

3.Create UTM to LAN firewall rule for AD server.

Source IP: any IPv4 >> Service : TCP Port 389 >> Destination IP: AD server IP

4.Enter the AD information in UTM >>User Management >> Authentication Server and when you are done click 'Test setting' to establish a connection. Note that you only need to use one AD user to establish a connection to the AD server. In this case we'll use 'tsc1'.

Note: Authentication Type must be “Active Directory”.

5. You can see all TSC organizational user is added in Users from AD server.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance