How to UN-install mSuite client App.

29-04-2020 12:39:17 13 0


This document describes the standard process to UN-install mSuite client App.

Why mSuite app cannot be uninstalled manually from device settings?

For security reasons, we have restricted the user from uninstalling the mSuite client app from their device. Only the admin can send the uninstall command to uninstall the mSuite application from a device.

There are 2 methods to uninstall the mSuite client app:

If the device is not approved, the mSuite client app can be uninstalled by the device user. To uninstall, go to the mSuite app > Menu > Uninstall.

If the device is approved, then only the admin can send the uninstall command to the device.

Steps to UN-install from mSuite portal:

1. Go to Devices > select a single or multiple devices to be uninstalled.

2. With selected list select Device actions > select Uninstall > click Submit.

Note : If device is not listed on mSuite portal or it has been disconnected from server, then we can UN-install the mSuite client App on that device by sending text ‘UNINSTALL’ through SMS from super admin mobile number.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.