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How to Upgrade Seqrite Encryption Manager v1.1 to v1.2.x

19-02-2020 16:54:36


You can use this option to update the Seqrite Encryption Manager (SEM) server, SEM Agent, Seqrite Volume Encryption or to change the software update settings. The software update can be scheduled to be installed automatically.

Checking available update

In SEM console > click Administration > Software update > Check now.

Available updates will be displayed.

Taking software update

  • Log on to SEM console.
  • In title bar click Administration.
  • In the left pane, click Software update.
  • You can add a schedule to regularly install the updates:
  • Select the Check for updates check box and select the duration.
  • Select the Install automatically at check box and then select the timing by clicking the arrows.
  • To update the software immediately, click Update now.
  • The Version column shows the current version numbers for SEM Agent, SEM Server, and SVE software. If update is available, the Latest Version column will show the new versions of the modules.


If SEM Server is updated, then the SEM Service will restart and then the users have to log in again to the SEM Console.

Software Upgrade

You can easily upgrade SEM server, SEM agent, and SVE applications. SEM upgrade can be done manually with setup file or using the updates.


It is always recommended to take back up of your database before performing the upgrade function.

Manual SEM upgrade using setup file

  • You can have a manual upgrade when you have the SEM setup.
  • Run the higher version of SEM setup.
  • In the Welcome setup dialog, click Next.

  • In License Agreement dialog, select the I accept the Agreement and the Consent check box and click Next.

  • In SEM setup dialog, click Finish. Seqrite Server Monitor dialog will be displayed.
  • To start SEM Console in a Web browser, click Start Server.

SEM upgrade through update

  • With update, you can upgrade to the higher SEM version. The updates provide you with the options to frequently check for updates and also set time to automatically install the higher version of the SEM application whenever available.
  • To automatically upgrade SEM with the help of updates:
  • Log on to the SEM server and click Administration.
  • In the left pane, click Software update. Whenever the upgrade is available, a notification will be displayed next to Software update and the Update now button will be enabled on the page.
  • On the Software Update page, click Update now.
  • If you have already configured the Check for updates and Install automatically at check boxes, then the upgrade of all the applications will be done as per the configuration.
  • In the Upgrade information dialog, click Update.

Seqrite Encryption Manager server upgrade will start and the server will not be available to the client computers until the server resumes the services. You need to reload the page again after some time.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.