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How to access GUI of UTM from internet.

19-02-2020 16:55:25


To access UTM over GUI from the internet or outside of the network, it is required to enable ‘Appliance Access’ features in UTM.

If this feature is enabled along with the proper firewall policy applied in UTM, the administrator can able to access UTM remotely using public IP address which is configured on UTM interface.

Applicable Version: All




The Admin page lets you control appliance access over HTTP or HTTPS ports, specify the maximum number of login attempts and specify the password strength for the administrator profiles.


1. Navigate to System > Administrators > Users. The Admin page is displayed.

2. Check HTTP/HTTPS and save. (You can use any random free ports to access UTM GUI. You must mention those ports)

Note: It’s advised to set a strong password for UTM GUI access.

3. We will have to create rule in either inter-zone settings or in custom rules.


4. Select ‘HTTPS_WebAdmin_Portal’&‘HTTP_WebAdmin_Portal’ services from the existing definition and apply it on WAN Zone to UTM Zone.

5. Open Browser and write down the public IP along with the port to access GUI remotely.

HTTP :          [Where, = Public IP  ]

Note: This public IP should be configured as the WAN interface of UTM and should be active.



1. You can verify if these TCP ports 88,543 are open by accessing this port checker website Ping.eu > port check by entering the Wan interface IP of UTM and these TCP ports.

2. Also you can check by doing Telnet on that Public IP with port.

Note: If you want to take HTTP and HTTPS access through LAN then you are not required to configure any rules. You can enter the LAN interface IP and port of UTM in the browser address bar. Browsers supported Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, IE, etc.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.