How to add Admin user

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This document describes the standard process to add admin user on mSuite portal.

What is a user role?

In Seqrite mSuite, the admins are assigned different user roles and privileges.

What are the different admin roles and their privileges?

There are five different admin roles, namely:

Super Admin: The Super Admin is the primary admin of Seqrite MDM who sign-up for Seqrite MDM. Only one Super Admin can exist within a company with all the privileges.

Admin: The admin has all the privileges similar to the Super Admin. Multiple admins can exist within a company.

Advanced User: This admin has all the privileges except for deleting.

Standard User: The Standard User only has the update and assign/unassign privileges and does not has privileges related to user roles.

Basic User: The Basic User has read-only and export action privileges.

Custom Role: The user can create user defined role and can modify the privileges according to needs.

Steps to add user on MDM portal:

1. Log on to the Seqrite MDM portal and click on Users.

2. To assign admin privileges to the selected user, edit the user and in the Privileges section select the Allow admin access check box.

3. Select the user role and click on save.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.


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