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How to add Microsoft Edge browser process into DLP policy for: EPS on Premise solution

31-05-2021 14:57:33


By default, Seqrite includes Microsoft Edge browser into DLP policy in order to prevent data leakage through Microsoft Edge browser application. Although it was recently out dated when Microsoft has stopped working on older EDGE version, therefore if any customers are still using older version, then they have to upgrade to EDGE chromium version as this version edge browser replaced Internet Explorer in 2020 and new EDGE browser process is by default not added into DLP. To protect the latest Microsoft Edge browser using the DLP module, Microsoft Edge process should be manually added into the application custom category that would monitor data transfer and prevent data ex-filtration.

Microsoft Edge Chromium was released on Jan 15, 2020

The following diagram represents Microsoft Edge browser already included but it consists of default and older versions.

Similarly, You can even add Microsoft edge process into a custom application for monitoring by doing the following steps in EPS console.

1. Log on to the "Seqrite Endpoint Security console".

2. Go to the “Admin Settings” option.

3. Click "Data Loss Prevention" then select the “Application” Tab and click “Add”

4. Navigate the application installation location and select the appropriate process name and provide the application name and add it.

5. Once the application is added successfully, enable Microsoft Edge browser application from the custom list through EPS policy.

6. By doing so, any new application versions process can be added into Seqrite EPS from the policy for data monitoring.