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How to add more users to login to the console

27-04-2022 14:07:45


This article will help an Administrator to add more users to login to the console.

Applicable Versions: All EPS versions


Step 1: Log in to the EPS console and go to the Admin Settings (Figure 1):

Figure 1

Step 2: In the admin settings, click on the Manage Users tab and then click on Add User button on right side (Figure 2):

Figure 2

Step 3: On the newly opened window, fill out all the details and click on Save (Figure 3):

Figure 3

Step 4: After clicking on Save Button, User will be added and ready to log in (Figure 4):

Figure 4:

Step 5: If you wish to modify the user details or delete any added user, you can click on respective option to perform the action (Figure 5):

Figure 5