How to add the device on mSuite portal

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This document describes the standard process to add the device on mSuite portal.

What are devices?

With the devices option, you can add new mobile devices, assign ownership, assign an owner and a group to the device.

What are the mobile device specifications supported by Seqrite mSuite?

Seqrite mSuite supports:

iPhone/iPad - iOS version 10 and above

Android – 5.0.1 and later

What does device non-compliance status mean?

If a user has not applied any policy/configuration which has been sent to the device by the admin, then this device goes into non-compliance mode. The non-compliance mode shows that the user has violated/not followed the configurations/policies as suggested by the admin.

What is device ownership?

The device ownership is categorized as follows:

Personal: You can use your own device to install Seqrite mSuite and install it.

Corporate: You can install mSuite on the corporate mobile and use it.

On Seqrite mSuite portal different device statuses are displayed. What does that mean?

Each device in Seqrite mSuite database shows a device status. All the statuses are represented by symbols. The mouse hover over the symbol shows the device status tool tip.

Device status includes:

Approval Pending: Device has requested server for Auto approval .Incase of any failure such as duplicate IMEI the device status remains to Approval Pending.

Inactive: Device has been created on Server and not Enrolled.

Disapproved: Server has not granted permission for the device enrollment.

Approved: Device is approved by the server.

Blocked: Device is blocked by the admin.

Uninstalled: Seqrite mSuite has been removed from the device.

Disconnected: The admin has disconnected the device.

You can enroll your device using the following options:

1. Log on to the Seqrite mSuite portal and click on Devices.

2. On Devices list page, click on Add.

3. Enter a device name and select ownership.

4. To assign owner to device click on Assign Owner and select appropriate user from the list.

5. Click on save, device will get created successfully.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.


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