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How to apply Offline AV Updates in UTM.

27-02-2020 00:28:55


This document describes a process that can be followed to update UTM with the latest AV VDB files in offline (Air Gap Network) deployment mode.

Applicable version: 2.0 and Above.


1. Navigate to System > Update

2. Seqrite has provided optimization in older versions to efficiently apply consolidated offline AV VDB update files.

Confirm your current UTM Version Number:

i. If UTM version is lower than or equal to 2.3, you need to first download below special patch and apply it on UTM from GUI Option System Updates Offline Updates.

Version 2.0 :
Version 2.1 :

Version 2.2:

ii. If UTM version is greater than 2.3, there is no need to apply any special patch mentioned above. Proceed to step no. 3.

3. Download the consolidated AV Offline updates from Website and apply it from UI.


Select UTM version 2.X or other as applicable.

The Seqrite offline update website is displayed.

Select the type of update, Select complete for applying complete offline updates.

Click Download. It will start a download in the form of tar file.

In the offline Updates section on the UTM GUI, click Browse and choose the downloaded file and click Update.

This will now upload the consolidated offline AV VDB Files to UTM and start applying it on UTM. Please wait for the GUI to complete the process.

NOTE: In certain cases where the upload of the AV update takes more than 5 minutes, the user will be shown an error message due to the timeout of the GUI Page. This is expected behavior and the update process would still continue in the background and the AV signature date would get updates in a few minutes. Do not click stop, back or refresh during this duration. Instead Login into UTM from a new browser window and check VDB Status after few minutes.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.