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How to block File Extension in Seqrite UTM

07-09-2021 11:07:36

 Overview : An organisation would want to prevent its employees from downloading certain file extension type such as “.exe, “.apk” etc. This can be done by creating a file extension blocking policy and applying it at the user level or group level. Seqrite UTM has 428 pre-defined file extensions and if any file extension is missing then it can be added using the file definitions.

Applicable Versions: UTMv2.0 and above

NOTE: File extension blocking is based only on the extension name and not MIME-type 


1) Navigate to “Policy” -> “File Extension Blocking”
2) Click on “+” to add a new policy
3: Enter the policy name and select the extensions which need to be blockeD


5: Once the policy is applied and the user tries to access a particular link to download the blocked extension, he will be redirected to a “Denied” page as shown in screenshots below

6) In order to block files downloaded from secure websites (i.e. https) the admin has to enable “Scan HTTPS traffic” under Security -> Antivirus

7) Once the setting is enabled and the SSL certificate installed on the user browser, file extension blocking will work on secure sites as well.

NOTE: Logs and Reports are not generated for this policy.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance