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How to configure DLP (Data Loss Prevention) in Policy EPS 8.X

09-10-2023 13:25:11

How to configure DLP (Data Loss Prevention) in Policy

Overview: Data loss Prevention feature – 8.X

Applicable Versions: Version EPS 8.X

Steps to configure DLP:

1. Click Create Policy or Click on the policy for which you want to configure DLP.

2. Drag down and select Data Loss Prevention.

3. In Data Loss Prevention click ON.

4. Click on + sign you can see the instruction regarding the how to apply or assign the DLP license.

5. Next is for pop up of DLP restriction and in Action you can keep Report Only or Block Report.

6. Add-on Features in which you can keep the files editing as confidential. This feature is available only for the Windows Platform.

7. Next Tab is Data Transfer Channels.

8. Click on + sign, you can see Print Screen, Removable Devices, Network Share, Clipboard, Print Activity. These features are used for stopping sharing any data or your confidential.

9. Click on Application Devices the downwards all will be activated.

1. Web Browser: After clicking on that you can uncheck or tick the browser which are used or not used.

2. By un unchecking that you will exclude that browser from the DLP.

10. For the reset of application which comes in that category like Email, Instant Messaging, File Sharing/cloud services, Social Media/ Others.

11. Data Settings in this tab you can block files like Office files, Graphic files, programming files etc.

If we want to add the extensions by clicking on the Add tab.

12. Confidential Data: Here you can monitor confidential Data. PAN card number, Aadhar card number, Passport number if any one sharing in the files.

13. Domain Exceptions: Here you can add the domain which you have to share the confidential data for some propose.

14. Application Whitelisting: Just download that software or application to exclude the application from DLP. After that the .dat file will be generate just import it.

15. Network Share Exceptions: Here to exclude the Network path which are in the daily use or not harmful for your data.

16. Click on Save Policy.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.