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How to configure OSPF in Seqrite UTM

04-03-2020 15:52:14


This article describes how to configure the Seqrite UTM to learn routes through Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), route data, perform authentication, and redistribution.

Applicable Version: 2.4 and Above


We have two UTM connected for learn both UTM LAN network, we have make point to point connectivity between both UTM and configured OSPF within same Area.


Navigate to Network > Route > OSPF

By default status is disabled

For configure OSPF need to enable status.

Select the ABR type as required.(Cisco,standard,IBM.shortcut)

Select the Redistribute options as required.

In the Network section, add the Network to advertise

Interfaces override: Add Interface if required

Click Apply.

Note: Repeat above procedure for other UTM to configure OSPF

Now for checking OSPF we need to check from CLI

Log-in into CLI using admin credential

Select option 1

Select option 5 (Network Configuration)

Select option 5 (Configure Dynamic Route)

Here, you can see the option for configure and troubleshoot OSPF.

Select option 3 for troubleshoot

First, need to enable OSPF logging

After that select option 2 to find OSPF logs.

You can see live logs.

After proper configuration will find the OSPF status should be Full.

After proper configuration will find the OSPF status should be Full.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance