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How to configure PPPoE in Seqrite UTM

03-03-2020 11:50:56


PPPoE is used by ISPs for assigning IP addresses to the PPPoE clients.

The Seqrite UTM can be configured to act as a PPPoE client when deployed in Gateway Mode.

Applicable Version: All


For configuring PPPoE in Seqrite UTM

1. Please navigate to Network > Interface

2. Select a physical interface and give a suitable name to it.

3. Select Network Zone as WAN.

4. Select IP Assignment as PPPoE

Enter User Name and Password provided by IPS provider.

5. LCP Echo Interval:

Enter the time to wait before sending an echo request, which will check whether the link works or not.

The default interval is 20 seconds.

6. LCP failure:

Enter the number of failed attempts allowed before the PPPoE link is declared as closed.

The Default failure attempts are 3.

7. Service Name:

Enter the Service name provided by ISP.

8. Link check method:

You can select either ICMP or DNS.

Click on Apply and save to configure the Interface.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.