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How to configure custom category

04-03-2020 16:03:12


Seqrite UTM already has an inbuilt feature for URL Categorization. In this feature, there are defined website categories like banking, social network, shopping, etc. In addition to that, we can now create a custom category of websites that can contain any website domain as per requirement. This custom category can be used to create a custom urlcat policy in URL Categorization.

Note: the Custom category will take high priority.

Applicable Version: 2.4 and Above


To create custom category Navigate to Definition > Custom Category

Click Add (+) to create a new custom category

Add the domain in a rule

Click Save to save the custom category.

Now, Navigate to Policy > URL Categorization.

Click Edit to configured policies, find an option to ADD Custom category

Select Custom category which you want to apply in configure the policy rule

Click OK to save the rule

Change the Action to Allow or Block

Click Save to save the policy.

Now, Apply the policies to users or group to take an action

For checking category of custom added domain Negative to Support > Diagnostics >URL Category Check

Add domain i.e: https://Seqrite.com you can find details in category checkup.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance