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How to configure the portable HDD or Pen Drive to allow in Seqrite Endpoint Environment

15-06-2020 22:02:25


The removable storage devices accessibility can be restricted to the Seqrite EPS environment with the device configuration tool.

Before adding a device to the Device Control tool (dcconfig.exe tool), clean the disk.

To clean the disk, follow these steps:

1. Connect the device.

2. On the command prompt, type the following commands one by one:


list disk

select disk # (where #  represents the number of the disk shown in 'list disk' command)


convert mbr

3. After clean up, create a partition on the disk using the following commands.

list volume

select volume <#> (where # represents the number of the disk shown in 'list volume' command)

create partition primary

format fs=ntfs

Now the disk is ready to be added.

Applicable Version: EPS 7.x


To add the device where EPS client is installed/not installed, follow these steps:

1. Log on to the Web console

2. Connect the clean device

3. Go to Admin Settings > Server > Manage Devices

4. Select Add Devices > USB Devices. Add Device dialog box appears as follows:

5. Click on the link “click here” to download the DEVCTRL.7Z
Alternatively, this tool is also available at the location given below on the EPS server.
Path of Device Control Tool: <installation folder>Admindcconfig.exe

6. Extract the package and run dcconfig.exe

7. To authorize the device, please do the following.

If you are using the system where the EPS client is installed, the available encryption options are:

* No encryption

* Partial encryption

* Full encryption

If you are using the system where the EPS client is not installed, the encryption is not available.

To apply the encryption, refer to the following table:

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