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How to create Policy and apply to specific Groups

02-04-2020 12:31:07

Description :

Seqrite Endpoint Security allows the administrators to create policies that help centrally control and manage the users belonging to a group.

You can create a policy about permission to visit only certain Web sites, scan their systems regularly and implement a policy for email communication. You can also restrict usage of certain applications and USB-based devices. The Manage Policies feature gives you the flexibility and control over creating new policies and modifying or removing an existing policy. Different protection policies can be created for different groups for better control.

Policies may include different client settings and scan schedules. Once a policy is created, it can be easily applied to a group. The users under a group or a subgroup will inherit the same policy. A group is nothing but a department in an organization. You should create groups before you create a policy setting. You can also view the policy status i.e. Applied, Pending or Failed on each client, this status can also be exported in CSV format.


1.Login to Seqrite EPS Console, then click on "Clients"

2. Click on "Manage Policies"

3. Click on "Add" button

4.Create Policy name & provide its description

5.Click on “Advanced Device Control” option

6.Click on “Enable Advanced Device Control” & then click on “Storage Devices”

Then you can able to configure (Allow/Block/Read Only) for storage devices as per your requirement.

For Example: If you want to block all storage devices, except Internal CD/DVD. Please see below picture :

7.Then click on “Save” to save configured policy then it will ask you to provide the password for client settings :

8.After saving policy, you need to click on “Manage Groups” and you need to create a group to assign configured policy then right click on “EPS Console” and click on “Add” button

9.Enter Group name and click OK:

10.After creating Group, Right Click on that Group Name > Set Policy > Select Policy you wish to apply:

11.Then you can move those clients in the group from “Default Group ” or its “Current Group” on whom its policy needs to be implemented :

12.You can verify configured policy status by click on “Manage Policies”, where you find that “Policy Applied On” and “Policy Pending On” :

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.