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How to create a Named User (Username) having IP with MAC Binding

02-09-2021 20:21:37

Overview: This is the feature provided by User Management in which a Named user is allowed to login only from a particular IP and MAC address.

Applicable Versions: UTMv2.3 and Above

Configuration Steps / Procedure:

1.Navigate to Home / User Management / Users / Add User

create a Named User having IP with MAC Binding:

Whenever a Named user tries to log in, both the IP and MAC Address of the user machine is checked with the already given address on the Users page. Users will be allowed to login if and only if both the IP and MAC address have a match else an error message will be shown to the user.

Error:1 Below error is received if the MAC address doesn't match.

Error:2 Below error is received if IP address doesn't match

Binding: On Seqrite UTM - Home / User Management / Users / Add User

Binding: Use this option to bind the Username to a particular IP address or MAC address or both as required. You can bind multiple users to a single MAC IDs or IP address also.

Note: If you bind a user with IP or MAC address, then that user can log in only from the system having the configured IP or MAC address. You can bind the user with IPv4, IPv6, or both addresses.

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