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How to create an emergency disk to scan the unprotected system

13-05-2020 19:48:14

Overview: Create a Seqrite emergency disk that helps to clean badly infected PCs from viruses or malware.

Applicable Versions: ALL

Configuration Steps:

If the system is infected and not having Antivirus Installed in it and wants to scan my infection system using an Emergency disc.

• Launch Seqrite Antivirus > Go to Tools > Create Emergency Disk as shown in the image below.

• Click on the “Create Emergency Disk “option under Cleaning & Restore Tools.

• Download the package of 32 bit or 64 bit Windows OS from the link

• Download the 32-bit packager if you are creating Emergency disk on a 32-bit system and download the 64-bit packager if you want to create an Emergency disk on 64 system

• Created emergency disk you can use for scanning on any windows operating system

• Extract the downloaded package on the system and browse the extracted package folder path and click next.

• Select one of the following options to create Emergency Disk

a) Create an emergency USB disk

b) Create an emergency CD/DVD

• Select Create emergency USB Disk and click Next as per the below screenshot.

• Creating Emergency Disk process will get started as per the below screenshot.

• Seqrite Emergency disk successfully created with the latest virus database.

Note: To scan the system with Seqri

Note: To scan the system with Seqrite Emergency Disk on next boot, please ensure that the system’s boot sequence is configured to boot first from USB Disk (Created Emergency USB Disk)

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.