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How to create and apply URL categorization / Domain wise Policy to group in UTM

26-02-2020 13:00:51


Part A: Configuration of URL Categorization Policy

Using URL categorization you can allow/block different website categories. When you allow a category all the websites belonging to that category will be allowed, the same rule is applicable when you block a particular category. Also, you can white-list or black-list a particular domain by adding it under the categorization policy.

  1. Access UTM in GUI mode and from drop-down Select >Policy and then >URL Categorization. Enable the status and click on >Add for creating new Policy.

Applicable version: All

2. Enter a policy name as per your choice and save the settings.

3. By moving the push button right you can allow the category to be accessed for the Group and by moving to left you can block the category of websites.

4. If you have blocked a particular category, and wants to allow a domain which falls in that category then you have to add particular domain by clicking on add in white-list. Also if you want to block a domain from allowed category then you have to blacklist the domain by adding in black-list.

5. By adding the domain name in white-list,the domain will be allowed and if you add it in blacklist the domain will be restricted.

6. After creating the Policy you have to enable it in Group. For this from drop down list select>User management and then>Groups.Edit the group and under Policy section you can enable and select the Policy that you have configured.

Part B: Configuration of Domain wise Policy

1. You can also create domain wise policy in which you can add website domains in white-list.Adding these domains in white-list ensures that users in your network can access sites mentioned in the list.

2. For this from drop-down list select Policy >URL categorization > and select by Domain.

3. Click on Add option and enter the domains that you want to allow the users to access.After adding all the domains save the policy.

4. The domain wise policy will be implemented only when you select the policy in configured groups.

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