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How to create group and policy in Seqrite UEM Console: EPS Cloud (UEM)

13-05-2020 18:26:41

Overview: This document describes the standard process customer can follow to create group and policy in Seqrite UEM console.

Applicable Versions: EPS cloud 1.0 and above.

Please follow the below steps to create group:

  1. Log on to the Seqrite Endpoint Security Cloud.
  2. Click on Groups.

Note: you can create max 50 polices and groups.

3. Click on Add Group.

Note: No subgroup can be created under the Default group.

4. Enter the Group Name and policy for the group to be created. Click on Add.

Group created successfully message appears.

Below are the steps to create the policy.

Policies feature helps you to create policies that help centrally control and manage the users belonging to a group.

You can create two types of policies

I. Container policy is a combination of all feature.

II. Feature policy contain only one feature.

On this page, you can perform the following functions:

Creating a new policy

Duplicating a policy

Updating a policy

Deleting a policy

The list of feature in policies is as follows:

Scan, Email, IDS/IPS, Firewall, Web Security, Application Control, Advanced Device Control, Data loss

Prevention, Update, Internet, Miscellaneous

Once a policy is created, it can be easily applied to a group. The users under a group or a subgroup may inherit different policies. You should create groups before you create a policy setting. The container policy cannot be applied on an individual endpoint. The feature policy remains as it is, even if the endpoint is moved to another group.

  1. Click on Policies from dashboard.

2. Click on Create Policy.

3. Enter the Policy name and Policy Type. Enter description and click on Create.

4. After creating policy click on save policy.

5. Policy saved successfully dialogue appears.

6. To check the policy applied on clients click on view details.

  1. To change the policy select the group and click on Change Policies.

2. Select the policy which need to be assigned and click on Assign.

Policy changed successfully message box appears.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.