How to create new fence.

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This document describes the standard process to add fence.

What is fencing and how it works?

With the rise in the number of mobile devices, securing the confidential data has become crucial. Seqrite mSuite upholds a very strong feature of fencing for securing the confidential data. The Fencing feature acts as a virtual boundary.

Fencing allows you to setup rules to allow or to restrict the user by applying the policy,profiles or app configurations to the user device.

Seqrite mSuite defines the safe areas for the devices. The fence triggers and sends alerts when the device leaves the assigned boundaries. The virtual barrier allows you to know the user device entry or exit of defined boundaries. You can set up the triggers when the device meets the defined boundaries. The fencing technique uses geographical locations, Wi-Fi SSIDs, and time as boundaries.

Seqrite mSuite supports the following fence types:

Wi-Fi Fence

The Wi-Fi fencing is a technique that uses Wi-Fi SSID to define the fence. Whenever the user device gets connected to the defined SSID, the Wi-Fi fence triggers and then the selected restrictions in that Wi-Fi fence are applied on the device.

Geo Fence

The Geo fencing helps to create the fence with restrictions in a geographical area. This option lets you allow or restrict the usage of the features within a specific area by tracking the device via GPS (global positioning system). Whenever the device enters the defined location, then the Geo fence triggers on the device and all the restrictions are applied on the user’s device. This fencing allows to create a virtual barrier around a location on a map. This option helps to detect entry or exit of the device from the defined perimeter. You can draw a circle on the map to define the boundaries.

Time Fence

The Time fencing helps you to setup the time-based rules to be applied on the user devices. This option helps to limit the users of Seqrite mSuite by defining the time as the boundary. You can define a particular time and particular dates to define the fencing. Whenever the defined time is executed on the device, then the fence triggers on the device and the restrictions are applied on the device. If you want to execute time fencing on particular days within the defined time range, you can select the days that you want to execute fencing. You can also exclude executing the fencing on a particular date from the defined fencing period.

Adding Wi-Fi Fence :

1. Log on to the Seqrite mSuite console and in the left pane, click Fencing > Fences > Add > Wi-Fi Fence.

2. The Add Wi-Fi page is displayed.

3. Enter the name of the Wi-Fi and then select Wi-Fi SSID. If the Wi-Fi SSID is a new one, then enter SSID. If you want to use existing SSID from Wi-Fi configuration, then select Existing Wi-Fi SSID. After selecting existing Wi-Fi SSID, all the configured Wi-Fi SSIDs of Wi-Fi configuration are displayed.

4. Click add.

Adding Geo fence :

1. Log on to the Seqrite mSuite console and in the left pane, click Fencing > Fences > Add > Geo Fence. 

2. The Add Geo Fence page is displayed.

3. Enter the place name to select the location and define the boundaries. The place name you entered will show the exact location on the map or will help to locate the place. 

4. Click Add Geo Fence. The Save Geo Fence dialog box is displayed.

5. Enter the Fence Name, radius in meters, and then click Save.

Adding Time Fence:

1. Log on to the Seqrite mSuite console and in the left pane, click Fencing > Fences > Add > Time Fence. 

2. The Add Time Fence page is displayed.

3. Enter the name of the time fence, select Set Time Fence on option. The Set Time Fence on option includes two types: Date Range and Recursive on Days. ▪ Date Range: Select the Date Range option to define a particular date range. The fencing is executed on the selective date range. ▪ Recursive on Days: Select this type to execute fencing on the selected days.

4. Set the From Time and To time to define the time period.

5. In case you want to exclude the fence on certain dates, select the dates and then click Save. The time fence is added successfully

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.