How to create workspace profile.

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This document describes the standard process to configure workspace profile.

What are Workspace profiles and how it work?

The Profiles section of Workspace helps you to restrict the Web access on workspace app by black listing URLs, black listing certain URLs of a website irrespective of the domain, blacklisting or whitelisting keywords. If any keyword or URL is blacklisted, then it will not be accessible through the Workspace browser. But if any keyword or URL is whitelisted, then it will be accessible through the workspace browser.

To create Workspace profile, follow these steps:

1. Log on to the Seqrite mSuite console and in the left pane, click Workspace > Profile > Add.

2. Add name in Profile Name text field.

3. Add description in the text field and click Next.

4. In Website filtering section enter the keyword or URL to filter the Web access, and click Add. The keyword or the URL entered is added under the Blacklisted URLs/Keywords section. ▪ To remove the black listed URL or keyword from the list, click the multiplication sign. ▪ To whitelist all the black listed URL or keywords, click Whitelist All. ▪ To block access to all URLs except the ones you allowed in whitelist, select the Block Access to all URL’s except whitelisted URL’s check box.

5. Click Save.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.


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