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How to do offline UTM Installation of Seqrite OS using ISO

02-05-2022 20:38:48

Overview: This articles will guide you on how to to do offline installation of Seqrite OS.

Hardware Requirement:

1: UTM ISO which you want to install

2: Serial console cable.

3: System supporting serial console cable. If not then will require serial-to-USB-converter.

4: Pendrive or cd/dvd writer

Software Requirement:

1: File Zilla client

2: WinMD5. (to check the md5 value)

3: Rufus. (For making bootable pendrive)

4: Putty Application

Step 1: Download the ISO file for the FTP link using the filezilla client.

Step 2: Once you have downloaded the ISO file from the FTP server you need to verify the MD5 checksum. You can get the Seqrite UTM ISO MD5 checksum from the respective GA release. The MD5 checksum of the downloaded ISO should match with the MD5 checksum of the respective GA release. If not then the OS downloaded is not proper. Here in this example we are using

- Open the MD5 application as shown in the below image.

- Click on browse and select the ISO file.which you have downloaded in your system. It will auto start checking the MD5 checksum.

- Copy paste the MD5 checksum in the original file location you got from the GA release and click verify. It should show matched as shown in below Snapshot.

Step 3: You need to follow the below steps to make a bootable pendrive using Rufus software.

- Download the Rufus software on a system and connect the pendrive on that system. Open the Rufus software.

- In Rufus on 'device' the pendrive details will show.

- Click on Select for choosing the ISO image which you want to boot

- Select the ISO image that you have downloaded on system and click open

- The image that you have selected will show in the boot selection. Click on Start

- Select the write in ISO image mode recommended and click “OK”

- The Pen drive will get formatted so make sure if any important data is there on pendrive store those data before you proceed. Click on “OK”

- Process will start and will take some time to complete.

- Once it shows ready click on close. The pendrive is now made bootable

Step 4: Will start the installation process now.

- Connect the pendrive on the UTM USB port.

- Connect the Serial console cable from UTM to System. The serial console cable Rj45 should be connected on console port of the UTM and the DB9 should be connected on the system.

Note: If you do not have a system supporting DB9 then you need to have serial to USB converter.

- Now open Putty application

- Select Serial

- Select the Serial line based on the COM port showing on system.

- Enter the speed .i.e is the BAUD rate as 115200.

- Restart the UTM and press the delete key and enter the BIOS

- Enter the BIOS password and then click on enter.

- Press the right arrow key and go to BOOT menu.

- Press the down key arrow and select the Hard drive BBS priority.

- In boot option #1 click enter

- Select the pendrive by pressing the down arrow key and click enter

- The boot option #1 will show like the below command. Press escape on keyboard

- It will show you the pendrive boot option #1 under Boot option priorities

Do save and exit by pressing F10 “OR” press on right arrow key and do save and exit

- You will get the below screen

- Click enter on select a type and select the model

- Once selected the model click on enter

Note: For T2S30 you need to select the proper type if it is T2S30 or T2S30C

- Now scroll down and select the brand as Seqrite

- Scroll down and select language as English / Japanese

- Select the Timezone based on the location

- Here in this snapshot we have selected Asia/kolkatta

-  Select the storage device and click enter

- Select the system - /dev/sda and click enter and select the hard disk.

- In this device we have ATA-Yanyu select it and press enter

- Scroll and select logs and reports - /dev/sda

- Select the system - /dev/sda and click enter and select the hard disk

- In this device we have ATA-Yanyu select it and press enter and then select done and click on enter.

- Select the partner name and click enter

- Type in the partner name if there is any or you can just type in QH and press enter

- Select the user consent for OSC license.

- Click on accept

- Select the start installation

It will start the installation. It will take sometime for the installation to complete.

- It will shows installation done as mentioned in below snapshot.

- Remove the pendrive and hard reboot the device it will show as mentioned in below snapshot.

- Wait for 30 minutes for services to get started and then connect the LAN cable from ETH0 to single system and enter the IP on browser and access the UTM using the default credentials.

Note: On system enter the IP from network series:

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.