How to enroll workspace.

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This document describes the standard process to enroll workspace.

What is Seqrite Workspace?

Seqrite Workspace is an intelligent application, made available on iOS & Android operating systems.

The application enables enterprises to separate personal user data from business data with ease.

It also helps in keeping an organization’s proprietary information and IP secure while ensuring employee flexibility.

Seqrite Workspace Advantages

• With Workspace, you can excellently segregate your personal data with corporate data.

• Useful in managing and accessing your corporate emails and contacts.

• Sync with your corporate meetings with Calendar feature.

• Access or share the important documents that you receive in the vault repository.

Procedure to enroll the workspace:

1. Log on to the Seqrite mSuite portal and click on Devices.

2. On Devices list page, select single or multiple devices.

3. From the With selected list, select Workspace Actions > Workspace Enrollment Request and then click Submit.

4.After sending the enrollment request, the workspace set up will start downloading on device

5. Once set-up gets download install it and configure the workspace.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.


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