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How-To Articles

How to install Seqrite cloud client using Email Installer link: EPS Cloud (UEM)

16-06-2020 00:06:47

This article describes the way to install client using email installer link from Seqrite UEM console.

Applicable Versions:
Seqrite Endpoint Security Cloud 1.0 and above

Please follow the below steps:
1. Login to Seqrite Endpoint Security Cloud console.

2. Go to deployment > Email installer link.

3. To send Email with the link, do the following steps
• In the to text box, enter the Email address.
• Click Send Email.
• A confirmation message appears. Click OK. The Email is sent from the Cloud console.

4. Open the link in the Email on Windows system.

5. Please verify the System Requirements

6. Download Windows client. The file is downloaded.
7. Extract the zip file.
8. Execute camininst.exe file. This installs clients on the system.
9. After Seqrite client installation is finished, the Seqrite Antivirus installation will be initiated by the Seqrite client.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.