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How to reset GUI Admin Password for Seqrite UTM.

19-02-2020 16:55:25


If you’ve forgotten the Seqrite Web Super admin password, due to which you are unable to access the Seqrite Web Console then we can reset the Admin password by taking console (CLI) access of the device. If you come across the following “ERROR: Incorrect Username or Password” and have forgotten the password then kindly go through the document to get a brief idea onto how you can reset the admin password.

Applicable Version: All

You can reset the Admin Password by following the steps below.

Access Command Line using Putty

  • Access Appliance via SSH connection. You can access it over any console application like Teraterm or PuTTy.
  • Download putty or tera term
  • Run the application and enter the IP address of the device by default SSH option is selected. If not then select SSH and click Open.

If you are accessing the CLI for first time it will present you a message with certificate and you should select Yes after which CLI login prompt will be displayed.

Enter the username as admin and password as set by you at the time of activation.

Default password will be admin@123 

You will be presented with a menu.

Select 1. Configure and manage Seqrite UTM and you will be taken to next menu.

Select 4. Web Management and you will be taken to next menu

Here you can choose to Change the Web Administrator password or Reset Web Super Administrator password.

Select 2. Reset Web Super Administrator password then Press Y to reset the password to default password which is admin@123.


It is recommended that you immediately change the default password of the Super Administrator profile. To change password, login to Web Admin Console as an Administrator and go to System > Administration > User and change the default admin password as per your requirement.

Click Apply to change the password.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance