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How to update AV /IPS Signature offline in UTM.

19-02-2020 16:55:25


You can manage Seqrite UTM service and system updates using the updates page. The Service updates include Antivirus and IPS/IDS signature updates whereas system updates includes the stability / bug fixes.

You can set the Service updates to be done automatically or manually. You can set the System updates to be installed automatically, manually as well as get notifications about the update and then install the updates as per your convenience.

We use the Offline update in below scenarios

  1. When we do not have internet connection on UTM (Ex. Defence sectors)
  2. When the Anti Virus/IPS Database on device are very old
  3. When we keep getting Antivirus update notifications on the Dashboard.


You can also perform manual update on Seqrite UTM appliance in case the updates are to be done offline. You must first copy the updates to your system.

1. Navigate to System > Updates.

2. In the Manual Update section to download the Update file, click on the Click here link. You can also paste the following link in your browser.


Note: For downloading the update files you need an internet connection.

The Seqrite offline update website is displayed.

3. Select the Seqrite UTM Version.

4. Select the type of update from weekly, monthly and complete. This depends on the last updates taken.

5. Click Download. It will get download in the form of tar file.

6. In the Manual Updates section on the same page, click Browse and choose the file and click Update.

Note: The file extension should not be changed.

Incase of insufficient space on device, extract the update files and upload individually.

7. Wait till the update process is completed. After the manual update process is completed a message is displayed, informing if the manual update was successful or got failed. You can also go to Logs & Reports > Updates and confirm.

8. You can verify the status by checking the Virus/IPS  Database the updated Date on Dashboard.

9. Logs & Reports > Updates

For assistance please write us @ UTMSupport@Seqrite.com