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How to update Seqrite Update Manager when there is no internet connection available

17-04-2020 16:48:49

Overview: This article describes how to update Seqrite Update Manager when there is no internet connection available connection.

Applicable Versions: ALL

Configuration steps:

1. Install and configure Alternate Update Manager on the system where the internet is available, refer below article to configure Alternate Update Manager.


2. In Alternate Update Manager Select Download update from Internet Center

3. All the update definitions will get downloaded at below path C:\Programfile\seqrite\Update manger 7.52\update\1700 on the system where Alternate Update Manager is configured.
A location may depend on the Installation Directory that we decide at the installation of Alternate Update Manager and version also different according to the EPS version.

4. Copy Downloaded updates from Alternate Update manager system from path C:\Programfile\seqrite\Update manger 7.52\update\1700 and paste it in any folder on console system e.g. location C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Updates

5. Open the Seqrite Update Manager > click on configuration > under Select update mode select the option Pick from specified Path as shown in the image below

7. Browse the location where we saved the update definition files folder as given above e.g. location C:\Users\abc\Desktop\Updates then click on Apply to save this setting.

8. Click on Update in the Seqrite update manager so it will take updates from given location

9. These steps have to be done whenever new updates are available.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.