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How to use offline Update Copying Tool EPS

24-08-2023 15:53:38

How to use offline Update Copying Tool EPS

Overview: How to use the Offline Update copying tool for Seqrite Update Manager and to apply to the Update Agent.

Applicable Versions: Version EPS 8.X, Windows OS

Description: The Offline Update Copying tool is a utility which will copy incremental updates from Alternate Update Manger to the specified directory. Copy and apply these updates manually to the Update Agent which doesn’t have an internet connection.

Download links to Offline Update copying tool is below:

Follow below steps to use this tool:

Copying Updates using tool:

To copy updates with help of Offline Update Copying tool, do the following,

1. For the first time, you must copy all the update files from AUM system to the Update.

Agent manually. Ensure the AUM downloads the latest updates before copying.

2. Run Offline Update Copying tool, named - offlineum.exe.

The following window appears.

The Update download path appears by default. The updates are downloaded at the specified directory as per EPS version. You can change the path with help of the Browse button if required.

3. Select the Start Date from the calendar. The updates will be copied from the start date till date.

4. Click Browse to specify the folder path where you want to copy the updates.

5. Click Copy. The updates will be copied to the specified folder. If the folder contains files, the files will be overwritten.

6. Copy the folder to a removable drive or any other media.

- Select the Start Date cautiously, the wrong date will have an adverse effect.
- The service pack builds files will not be copied.

Applying Updates to Update Agent:

To apply updates to the Update Agent where internet is not available, do the following,

1. Plug in the removable drive/media to the Update Agent.
2. Copy the updates from the removable drive to the folder where Update Agent downloads the updates.

By default, Update Agent downloads updates in the
‘C:\Program Files\Seqrite\Update Agent 10.8\update\1800’ folder.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.