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Ports & URL's to be whitelisted in the Network Firewall for EPS 8.X

04-07-2023 13:29:33


This document contains information about the extensions, port numbers, and URLs to be allowed/whitelisted in the Network firewall for the seamless functioning of Seqrite features.

Applicable versions: Seqrite Endpoint Security 8.X

File Extensions to be allowed:
This extension should be allowed in the Network firewall for definition updates:
“.dat”, “.bin”

Ports and URLs to be allowed:
The following ports and URLs should be allowed/whitelisted in the Network firewall.

Sr. No. Purpose Source Destination Protocol URL Port
1 Activation & Licensing Server Internet TCP https://actnexgen.quickheal.com/* 443
2 Definition Update Server Internet TCP http://dlupdate.quickheal.com/* 80
3 Server Client Communication
mongod Within Server TCP NA 27017
Redis Within Server TCP NA 6379
wildfly Client Server TCP NA 8080 Load balancing happened through Nginx and Nginx will redirect this to Wildfly
wildfly Client Server TCP NA 8443
4 Required external CDN server Server & Client Internet TCP http://dlupdate.quickheal.com/* 8765
5 NGINX Client Server TCP NA 443
6 zookeeper Within Server TCP NA 2181
7 kafka Within Server TCP NA 9092
8 Cloud based Security Server & Client Internet TCP http://prourl.itsecure.co.in/* 8080
http://encurl.itsecure.co.in/* 443
9 Roaming Server & Client Internet TCP https://epsngrp.seqrite.com 8080
10 Patch Management Patch Server Internet TCP http://*.windowsupdate.microsoft.com/ 8080
http://download.microsoft.com/ 443
Patch Client Patch Server TCP https://patchserver-IP-address 6201


• Allow the file extensions .bin &.dat to download daily definition updates.
• If any custom ports configured by the Administrator during installation of EPS 8.0 /8.1 server, then those custom ports need to be whitelisted.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.