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Seqrite introduces the new and improved Anti-Virus Scan Engine

02-04-2020 09:57:23


We are happy to announce the availability of “best-in-class”, indigenous developed new and improved AV Scan Engine that implements advanced technology to provide maximum protection against evolving global threats and includes following improvements:

  • Lightweight: Reduced disk footprint
  • Reduced memory footprint: Lighter on system RAM.
  • Powered by GoDeep.AI - Seqrite’s GoDeep.AI framework, an indigenously-developed AI-based threat hunting engine that proactively identifies and eliminates known and unknown threats in the global threat landscape.


Starting from 23-Dec-2019 the new scan engine will be delivered to Seqrite Endpoint Security and Seqrite Endpoint Security Cloud products as part of the daily updates.

There is no manual intervention, or any action required to receive or adopt the latest, intelligent and lightweight AV scan engine.

Products Applicable to:

  • Seqrite Endpoint Security v7.x, v6.x
  • Seqrite Endpoint Security Cloud 1.x

How do I know If I have received the latest Scan Engine?

As the new and improved Scan Engine is rolled out to Seqrite Endpoint Security products as part of the daily updates, the complete process is seamless and similar to how you receive daily signature updates (VDB).

Products having a Virus Database (VDB) of 23-Dec-2019 or higher will have the latest Scan Engine.

If you have setup and configured the Update Manager to download and manage the latest updates for Seqrite Endpoint Security, you will implicitly receive the latest scan engine without performing any additional steps.

It is important to keep your Seqrite product’s Virus Database (VDB) up-to-date to ensure your endpoints are protected against the latest malware.

Will this have any impact on my current configurations or ongoing/scheduled AV scan?

No, since the complete process is seamless, all the configurations and related files are intact. There will not be any visible symptoms of this change. In fact, with the performance improvements introduced, the new engine will lead to a better experience and reduced load on system disk and RAM.

Feedback and Questions:

For any feedback or questions about the latest scan engine, please contact Seqrite Technical Support.