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Unable to detect Internet Connection error while updating EPS Client

19-02-2020 16:55:14


This article describes what steps needs to be followed in order to resolve this issue.

Unable to update EPS clients, while trying to update EPS client will get below mentioned error.

"Unable to Detect Internet Connection. If you are on network using SOCKS/Firewall, then please provide necessary authentication information in Setting of Quick Update.”


1) Due to unwanted Proxy settings in Browsers (IE, Firefox)

2) Changes in EPS Server IP address / Host-name

3) Mis-configuration in EPS policy related to update


Method 1: Primary needs to check the basic connectivity whether EPS Server is reachable or not. To perform it Go to start-->Run and type as mentioned in the below image.

To identify EPS Server IP address request to refer Method 3.

Click on OK and then it should be ping as per below image .

Same thing we need to perform from server end that whether client is reachable in network or not by pinging EPS client IP address from EPS Server System.

Method 2: Check and verify Proxy settings to Internet Explorer browser.
- Go to tools(Alt + x)->Internet Options->Connections->LAN Settings->check highlighted junk entry in red marks as per below snap(Image-4). Remove all junk entries and configure setting as per below image.

Method 3:

Check EPS Server host-name and IP address which must be same as in client info

Go to C:Program FilesSeqriteCagentconfigaccaconf.ini

Check below mentioned details and verify the same at server end, in case found any difference in Server Host-name or IP address then need to revert IP address of EPS server as mention in accaconf.ini or need to deploy fresh client if earlier/old EPS console client installed.

Method 4:

Mis-configuration in EPS policy related to update

Needs to check Update related settings in EPS Policy.

Needs to check Proxy settings in EPS Policy.

Needs to check Proxy settings in EPS client settings.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.