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Client Deployment through Active Directory in Seqrite EPS Cloud (UEM)

17-02-2021 18:49:26

Overview: This article will help an Administrator for Client Deployment through Active Directory in Seqrite EPS Cloud

Applicable Versions: Seqrite EPS Cloud


Active Directory Synchronization:

With the Active Directory Tool, an Administrator can synchronize the EPS Server group with the active directory organizational unit (OU)/container/computer. After synchronization, the clients will be installed on all the endpoints of your domain network. A periodic check is carried out to find if any new endpoint is added to your network. When a new endpoint is added, the client gets automatically installed on that endpoint.

You can also exclude certain endpoints from the EPS server group so that the client will not get installed on those endpoints.


• This installation method is available only with Microsoft Windows operating system.

• To synchronize the EPS server with Active Directory OU, the Active Directory Tool should be installed on the domain Machin or should be a member of the domain.

• Synchronization cannot be done with Default group.

• On the Group page, groups are shown with AD tags, which are already synchronized with Active Directory.

Step 1: Click on Active Directory Tool Setup on EPS Cloud Console > Deployment > Active Directory (Figure 1):

Figure 1

Step 2: Extract the zip file and Double click 'adinst.msi' file (Figure 2):

Figure 2

Step 3: Check mark the displayed option and click on Next (Figure 3):

Figure 3

Step 4: Select Installation Folder and Click on Next (Figure 4)

Figure 4

Step 5: Click Next to Confirm Installation (Figure 5)
Figure 5

Step 6: Click on Close to complete Installation and Launch Active Directory Tool (Figure 6):
Figure 6

Step 7: Select Group from List and Click on Start Sync (Figure 7):
Figure 7

Step 8: Select Domain and click Next (Figure 8):
Figure 8

Step 9: Enter Connection Details and click Next (Figure 9):
Figure 9

Step 10: Select Organizational Unit (OU) to sync and click Next (Figure 10):
Figure 10

Step 11: Select 'Automatically install client on newly detected computer' check and click Next (Figure 11):
Figure 11

Step 12: Configure Synchronization interval in Hrs. and click Finish (Figure 12):
Figure 12

Step 13: Tool will Synchronize data with EPS Cloud Server. Click OK once complete (Figure 13):
Figure 13

Step 14: AD tag will get displayed to the group synchronized with Active Directory (Figure 14):
Figure 14

Step 15: Same AD tag will get displayed to the group synchronized on EPS Cloud Console (Figure 15):
Figure 15