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How to configure Alternate Update Manager ?

02-04-2020 16:51:44

Download Standalone Update Manager Setup at the location where you want to install.

Steps to Install the Alternate Update Manager

1) Run the Setup and you will get the installation wizard.

2) Select ‘I Agree’ and Click Next.

3) It will check for IIS and if it is not installed, it will display the status.

4) On Next Screen it will provide the option to install IIS Components. Click install option to install required IIS



-> IIS will be installed automatically during the Standalone Update Manager installation process if not installed

on the system.

-> The site will be configured on the HTTP protocol.

-> For Windows XP and 2003 OS, IIS should be installed manually and will be configured on port 80.

-> Standalone Update Manager is not support on Windows Home Editions.

5) After completing the IIS installation, Click next to complete UM installation.

6) Change the installation directory if you wish to install UM at different location or Click Next.

7) Select to install UM on either on Host Name or IP Address (in case of DHCP, IP address option will not be available).

8) Click on finish after successful installation of the UM.

Configuration of the Alternate Update Manager

1) Open EPS console page click on Update Manager.

2) Click on Alternate Update Managers and click on Add.

3) In EPS 7.2 if any client system already installed with Alternate UM with the same version then this endpoint will auto detect in following Available Endpoint list, so we need to select it add it.

4) Once the Alternate Update Manager added it will shows in the list of Alternate Update Managers.

Once its done can assign the Alternate UM to clients in client policies.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.