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How to configure schedule scan for Endpoints ?

02-04-2020 12:34:50

Description :

Scanning regularly keeps the systems clean and safe. In a large organization the client systems may be installed in physically separated environment. To centrally manage all the systems about how to scan and when to initiate scanning, the administrator must have a policy. This feature helps you create policies for scheduling scans for the client systems.

To Schedule a Scan from Policy, follow the steps below:

1. Log on to the Seqrite Endpoint Security Web console.

2. Go to Clients > Manage Policies > Click the Policy where schedule has to be set.


3. Click Schedule Settings tab > Client Scan

4. Under Client Schedule Scan, Check Enable Schedule Scan.

5. In Frequency, select either the Daily or Weekly option.

6. In Start At, set time in hours and minutes. For E.g, If Schedule has to be Set at 1.00 PM select Start at: 13 Hrs 00 Mins.

7. To repeat the scan at endpoints, select Repeat Scan and set the frequency.

8. To get notification when a client is offline, select Notify if client is off-line.

Note : If ‘Notify if client is offline’ is selected, the scan will be initiated at the client if any of the client misses the schedule.

9. Under Scanner Settings, select the required Scan Settings to be perfromed at endpoints during schedule scan.

10. Check 'Perform Antimalware Scan' if want to perform Anti Malware Scan as well.

11. Click 'Save Policy' to Save the Schedule Scan Settings.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.