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How to block applications through Application control in Seqrite UTM

03-09-2021 17:27:51


Application Control feature on Seqrite UTM helps in restricting insecure and low productivity applications from monitored network environments thus saving on Internet bandwidth consumption. These applications may be web based or standalone applications. In addition, these activities are logged which helps to keep a track and trace the activities.

Applicable versions: UTMv2.6 and above.

Please follow the below steps to follow:

1. Navigate to Security > Application Control.

2. Application control is disabled by default. Toggle the status button to enable. The Application control screen is displayed.

Note: Enabling application control may affect your throughput  

3. By default all the controlled applications are allowed. Select the application name which you want to block. Toggle the corresponding status button to start blocking that category. You can also select multiple categories to be blocked.

4. Click Apply. The selected applications will be blocked on the Seqrite UTM network.

Example Overview:

To Block the application from application list, you can refer the below example of Application control Blocking.

Admin Requirement:

Admin wants to block “http” and “wget” applications for the LAN users.

Network Topology Overview :

LAN_User ---------- (lan) UTM (wan) -----------(Internet) ------ PortQuiz (port 80)

Device Name

IP address


UTM (lan) – eth0

UTM (wan) – eth1

PortQuiz on port 80

Configuration :

Application Control feature is “disabled” by default. Admin has to first enable the Application control feature and then enable individual applications that need to be blocked. 

User Experience:

When user tries to access an “http” website then the website will not load. 

Logs and Reports:


The current implementation of Application Control is limited with listed applications only and may not be effective in blocking applications if the signatures present in the UTM are old and if the applications changed their behavior with recent updates.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance