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How to Block Microsoft Store App on Endpoint with Application Control

02-03-2022 17:54:41

Overview: This article will help you to block Microsoft Store App through Application Control feature in Seqrite EPS to prevent users from installing any application from Microsoft Store.

Applicable Version: Seqrite EPS Total and Enterprise Suite.

Scenario: Administrator wants to block Microsoft Store App to prevent users from installing any application from Microsoft Store.


Step 1: Login to Seqrite EPS Console > Clients > Manage Policies (Figure 1):

Figure 1

Step 2: Administrator can create new policy or open existing policy to configure Application Control (Figure 2):

Figure 2

Step 3: Go to ‘Application Control’ and enable ‘Block unauthorized application when accessed’. Then click on ‘Custom Applications’. (Figure 3):

Figure 3

Step 4: On ‘Custom Applications’ wizard, click on ‘Add Application’ to add Microsoft Store App. (Figure 4):

Figure 4

Step 5: On ‘Add Application’ wizard, provide Process name as ‘WinStore.App.exe’ in Process name option and provide Application name as ‘Microsoft Store’ for identification. Then Select the Desire Application Category and click on ‘Add Application’. (Figure 5):

Figure 5

Step 6: On ‘Custom Applications’ wizard, make sure your added application is listed and click on ‘Close’ to close the ‘Custom Application’ wizard. (Figure 6):

Figure 6

Step 7: In Policy go to ‘Application Control’ > Select the Application Category which was provided to add Custom Application and set it to ‘Custom’. Then select Microsoft Store from below ‘User Added Applications’ list and save the policy. (Figure 7):

Figure 7

Step 8: Under Clients > Manage Groups, move the respective endpoint to that group where Application Control policy is assigned with that custom application blocked. (Figure 8):

Figure 8

Step 9: Under Clients > Manage Policies, make sure that policy is applied on moved endpoints. (Figure 9):

Figure 9

Step 10: Once the policy is applied try to open Microsoft Store App and verify the configuration. (Figure 10):

Figure 10