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How to configure SSL VPN to access internet via User based policy.

20-11-2021 19:02:47

Overview: This article explains how to access the internet using a user-based policy after connecting via SSL VPN.

Applicable Versions: UTMv2.4 and above

Steps 1: Create an SSL VPN user.

To configure SSL VPN server follow the link mentioned: Click Here 

Once configure the SSL VPN server you will have to create SSL VPN remote user

Home / VPN / SSL / Remote Access

Enter the user credentials and click on apply “group and policy” and in additional command enter command : redirect-gateway def1

Click on Apply.

Download the package and install.

Steps 2: Create an additional VPN-to-WAN any rule in custom rules.

Connect the SSL VPN

Enter the user login link in the browser address bar, for e.g. and will get the login prompt.

 Enter the Username and password of the user used by him locally for accessing the internet.

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