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How to configure USB drive protection feature on client system

31-08-2022 14:01:38

Overview: This feature helps you safeguard your USB devices from autorun malware. 

Whenever any external storage device such as pen drive connected to your system, the autorun feature opens the device automatically and other programs in the drive may also start. If the autorun malware is present in your external drive that may also starts as soon as the drive is connected.

If USB drive protection is turned on then external drives will not open automatically. You can scan the external devices before accessing it.

Applicable Versions: Seqrite EPS 7.6 client, EPS Cloud client

Supported OS Type : Windows

To configure USB Drive Protection, please follow below mentioned steps:

1. Connect external storage device (Pen drive) to your computer

2. Open Seqrite Endpoint Security client antivirus.

3. On the Seqrite Endpoint Security Dashboard, click “Tools”.

4. The tools details screen appears. Under Preventive Tools, click “USB Drive Protection”.

5. In the Select a removable drive list, all the removable drives plugged into your system are listed. Select the drive and click the “Secure Removable Drive” button.

6. The drive will be secured against autorun malwares when used in other systems also.

7. If you want to revert the changes you can click on “Un-secure Removable drive button

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.