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How to import Seqrite email scanner certificate in Mozilla thunderbird

30-11-2022 17:50:03

Overview: If email scanning over sll is enabled in email settings under Seqrite EPS policy, then you need to manually import Seqrite email scanner certificate in Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

Applicable Versions: EPS 7.6

Tested on Thunderbird version : 102.5.0(64 bit)

Steps are mentioned below:

1) Launch Thunderbird email client and go to Settings > Privacy and security

2) Click “Manage certificates” button under “Certificates”

3)Certificate manager dialogue opens . Select “authorities” tab and click “import”

4) Select “Seqrite Email Scanner CA.der” certificate from Seqrite installation directory and click “open”

5)Select the trust check box for websites and email users as displayed in below screenshot and click “OK”

6)You can see the Seqrite email scanner certificate listed under Authorities tab.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.