How to install Seqrite mSuite with Launcher on Android Device Step by Step

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Downloading and Installing Seqrite mSuite:

a) After sending enrollment request by SMS/Email by Administrator on device, user will get Enrollment message and Email on his device (See Figure 1 and Figure 2):

Figure 1

Figure 2

b) After clicking on Enrollment link, you will get mSuite apk download option on Device Browser (see Figure 3):

Figure 3

c) Click on ‘Download’ and you will get pop message to download ‘mSuite_Agent.apk’ file. Click on ‘Download’ (see Figure 4):

Figure 4

d) After clicking on Download, user will get message 'This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep mSuite_Agent.apk anyway?'. Click on 'OK' to continue (see Figure5):

Figure 5

e) Once the apk is downloaded tap on Downloaded file to start installation (see Figure 6):

Figure 6

f) Click on ‘INSTALL’ (see Figure 7):

Figure 7

g) Click on ‘OPEN’, Once App is Installed (See Figure 8):

Figure 8

h) Click on ‘I Agree’ to accept End User License Agreement (see Figure 9):

Figure 9

i) User will be asked for runtime permission Click on ‘Proceed’ (see Figure 10):

Figure 10

j) Click on ‘ALLOW’ to access Contacts (see Figure 11):

Figure 11

k) Click on ‘ALLOW’ to take pictures and record video (see Figure 12):

Figure 12

l) Click on ‘ALLOW’ to access this device’s location (see Figure 13):

Figure 13

m) Click on ‘ALLOW’ to access photos, media, and files on your device (see Figure 14):

Figure 14

n) Click on ‘ALLOW’ to record audio (see Figure 15):

Figure 15

o) Click on ‘ALLOW’ to send and view SMS messages (see Figure 16):

Figure 16

p) Click on ‘ALLOW’ to make and manage phone calls (see Figure 17):

Figure 17

q) Click on ‘Activate this device admin app’ to give Device Administrator permission (see Figure 18):

Figure 18

r) Tap to turn on and click on back button (see Figure 19):

Figure 19

s) Tap to turn on ‘Display over other apps’ and click on back button (see Figure 20):

Figure 20

t) After clicking on back, user will be asked to allow ‘Apps with usage access’ for Seqrite mSuite (see Figure 21):

Figure 21

u) Tap to turn on ‘Permit usage access’ and click on back (see Figure 22):

Figure 22

v) Click on 'ALLOW' to let app always run in background (see Figure 23):

Figure 23

w) Tap to turn on and ‘ALLOW’ Seqrite mSuite for 'Do Not Disturb access' (see Figure 24):

Figure 24

x) Enter Enrollment details received on SMS/Email like Company Code, OTP and Mobile Number and click on ‘Enroll’ (see Figure 25):

Figure 25

y) After clicking on ‘Enroll’, user will see the Enrollment progress screen (see figure 26):

Figure 26

z) Once the device is enrolled, you will see Seqrite mSuite Screen (see Figure 27):

Figure 27

Installing Seqrite Launcher:

a) After mSuite Enrollment, user will received message to ‘install’ Seqrite Launcher. Click ‘Install’ (see Figure 28):

Figure 28

b) Click on 'SETTINGS' to allow unknown app from this source (see Figure 29):

Figure 29

c) Tap to turn on ‘Allow from this source’ and click on back (see Figure 30):

Figure 30

d) Click on ‘INSTALL’ to install Seqrite Launcher (see Figure 31):

Figure 31

e) Click on ‘OK’ to provide Device Admin Permission (see Figure 32):

Figure 32

f) Click on ‘Activate this device admin app’ to give Device Administrator permission (see Figure 33):

Figure 33

g) Tap to turn on ‘Display over other apps’ and click on back button (see Figure 34):

Figure 34

h) Tap to turn on and ‘ALLOW’ Seqrite Launcher for 'Do Not Disturb access' (see Figure 35):

Figure 35

i) Make sure that ‘Seqrite Launcher’ and ‘Seqrite mSuite’ both are turned on for ‘Do Not Disturb access’ (see Figure 36):

Figure 36

j) Click on back and you will receive message 'On next screen, choose Seqrite launcher with Always/default option to activate Seqrite Launcher.' (see Figure 37):

Figure 37

k) Select ‘Seqrite Launcher’ and click on ‘Always’ (see Figure 38):

Figure 38

l) User will be asked for ‘Clear Default’ App info will get open. Click on ‘Open by default’ (see Figure 39):

Figure 39

m) Click on ‘CLEAR DEFAULTS’ and click on back (see Figure 40):

Figure 40

n) User will again ask to select the Launcher. Select ‘Seqrite Launcher’ and click on ‘Always’.

o) User will be asked to enable accessibility service for Seqrite mSuite. Click on ‘Enable Service’ (see Figure 41):

Figure 41

p) Tap to turn on and click ‘ok’ (see Figure 43):

Figure 43