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How to restore backup taken by Seqrite AV of important files.

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  • Quick Heal Backup and Restore Tool helps user restoring the important data such as documents, spreadsheets etc. in case of Ransom-ware or any other Malware encrypts, corrupts or deletes these important files.
  • The backup is stored on a drive where maximum amount of free disk space is available. The backup folder is created with random name and the folder is also protected by Seqrite AV.
  • The backup is taken for all local drives based on the file extensions specified in the configuration file.
  • Whenever required, the files can be restored using the same tool.

Restore Processes:

  • Restore all the backup files to a specified location.
  • Open Command Prompt as Administrator and run below command,
    cfrutil.exe /restore DDMMYYYYHHMM <Path_to_restore_file>
    e.g. cfrutil.exe /restore 150120181200 C:\restore

Above command will restore all files backed up before 15th Jan2018 12:00 PM.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.


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