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How to create Standalone Installer creation for EPS cloud

28-06-2022 20:59:49

                                                                                Standalone Installer Creation for EPS Cloud

Overview: There are multiple client deployment methods are available in Seqrite EPS cloud. You can use Standalone Installer method for manual installation of Seqrite Endpoint Security clients. If your network speed is slow and you want to create client installer faster then you can use this option.

With this offline tool, you can build a Client Installer set up faster. Installation needs to be initiated individually on each endpoint.

Please note: This tool can be used on Windows operating system only.

Applicable Versions: Seqrite Endpoint Security cloud version 1.6 and above.

Steps to create setup file using standalone installer:

1) Login to HawkkEye console using below mentioned link.


2) On HawkkEye console click “Endpoint Security” on left pane.

3) You will be landed to Endpoint Security console dashboard. Click “deployment” under “computer” section on left menu.

4) Under “standalone installer” tab click “standalone installer” download button.

5) The Client Installer zip file is downloaded. Extract the files and execute the Installer.

6) Enter the required information in the Create Installer, Proxy Settings and Password tabs.

7) Click “Create”.

Note : A help file is also provided in the Client Installer. You can refer it for more details.

8) Installer is ready. Click “Download now” to download the installation

9) Select desired location and click “ok

10) You will get a message that file downloaded successfully. Click “OK”.

11) Copy the downloaded zip file to required client system for installation.

12) Extract the zip file before installation and run clagnt32.exe / clagnt64.exe files.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.