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How to change web login password of UTM

20-09-2022 18:14:49

Overview: As a best security practice it is recommended to change web login password of UTM periodically. In this article I have demonstrated the steps of changing web login password of UTM.

Please use strong and unique passwords that cannot be easily breached.

Applicable Versions: 2.0 and Above

Steps to change Web login password of UTM:     

1) Log in to UTM

2) Click “Admin” on top right corner of web page.

3) Click “change web password”.

4)  On clicking “change web password” the following options are displayed:

   Old Password:
  Provide the current password of the logged in administrator.
   New Password:
  Provide the new password which should be set.
   Confirm Password:
Re-enter the new password.

Click “Submit

5) The password is changed and administrator is logged out. On subsequent logon, administrator should logon with new password.

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