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How to register Quick Heal Server edition in an offline mode?

29-07-2020 18:32:18

This article guide to register Quick Heal Server Edition in an offline mode, where the internet connection is not available on the endpoint.

Available Version: All Server Edition Version.

Steps to register Server edition (Offline through Web):

1. After installation of Quick Heal Server edition it will show message “Copy is not registered. Activation is required. Click Register Now to fix the problem".

2.Open Quick Heal dashboard and click on "Register Now".

    3. Click on “Register Offline”.

    4. Open http://www.quickheal.com/offline_registration site.

    5. Select the “Click here” option as per installed Product Version.

    6. Redirecting to the link will get “Off-line Registration Step 1”. Enter all required details and click on Submit.

    Note: The installation number will be present in the Offline activation wizard.

    7. Enter details for the registration and submit.

    8. After submitting all details, will get acknowledgment and an option to the download ".key file".

    9. After downloading the License Key file, need to copy that file on the system where activation is to be performed.

    10. Open the offline registration wizard and browse the ".key file". Click on "Next".

    11. Quick Heal Antivirus  Server edition Activated successfully.

    In this way Quick Heal Antivirus Server Edition can be registered in an offline mode.

    Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.