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Update Manager Error "Definition files not found - Populate datfile failed"

19-02-2020 16:55:14

This article describes what steps we need to follow in order to resolve the issue.

While updating update manager we get this error "Unable to retrieve update"

- Click OK and Click on View Report


This error comes due to corrupted file present in update folder.

-> Go to C drive -> Program files -> Seqrite -> Update manger -> Logs -> Updcore.log

Error String to Verify the issue :
Error string found in updcore.log with the name of “PopulateDatFileNamesEx failed”.

To Access Updcore.log kindly follow the below path
C:Program Files (x86)SeqriteEndpoint Security 7.XUpdmgrlogsUpdcore.log


Solution 1:

- Rollback update manager update

  Open Update Manager by following below path :

  Click on Start Tab > All Programs > Seqrite End Point Security Console > Update Manager
  After opening Update manager wizard click on Rollback tab.


Solution 2:

- Clear all entries from 1700 Folder located in below path on SEPS console system and verify reported issue.
Path: C:Program Files (x86)SeqriteEndpoint Security 7.XUpdmgrbackup1700

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.