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Frequently Asked Questions

20-04-2021 17:56:50

1. What is HawkkEye?

Seqrite HawkkEye is an integrated solution that allows the security management of multiple endpoints deployed at different geographical locations. Endpoints may consist of desktop computers, laptops, and or mobile devices that are registered with Seqrite EPS or Seqrite mSuite products.

2. How does Seqrite HawkkEye work?

IT administrators from any location can easily connect to Seqrite HawkkEye central console to view the latest security status, count for endpoints on which infection is detected, security violations for policy and applications, view count by Operating System and Agent version for mobile and PC endpoints from one single dashboard. Seqrite EPS and Seqrite mSuite portals send the data to the HawkkEye portal which consolidates and displays the corresponding data on its dashboard. The Dashboard area on the console displays the count for all the endpoints (Computers and mobile devices) that have been deployed via Seqrite EPS Cloud and m-Suite products respectively.

3. What types of endpoints are supported?

Endpoints may consist of desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices that are registered with Seqrite EPS or Seqrite mSuite products.

4. What information will be visible on the HawkkEye dashboard?

The HawkkEye dashboard depicts the count for endpoints on which infection is detected with the breakup for computers and mobiles, violations for applications and policies, the count of Operating Systems and versions of the client agent installed.

5. What is the period for which data is shown?

The data can be shown for the selected period of 3-6 days, 7-14 days, 15-29 days, or 30 days and more.

6. What types of browsers are supported?

The Web browsers supported for Seqrite HawkkEye are Internet Explorer 10 and 11, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome 60 and above, Mozilla Firefox 55 and above.

7. How to see user information?

On the user page, you can view, add, delete, edit and export user information. You can also send activation link to new user to activate their account.

8. Do all users have the same access rights?

A user may be assigned an administrator’s role, or a Help desk representative, a read-only user role or as an ordinary user. An administrator has full authority and can manage the mobile and PC endpoints directly through the HawkkEye console whereas a help desk representative and other users have limited rights.

9. How to manage the endpoints in a network?

On the ‘manage’ page, you can manage all the endpoints in your network. An administrator has complete control over the functions and features and is taken directly to the respective product console. For example, if you have administrator role and you click Computers, you are navigated directly to the HawkkEye product console, where you can carry out the administrative activities as required.

10. What if technical support is needed?

You can access the support tab in the HawkkEye console to engage the support team. It is recommended that you have all the necessary details with you during the call to receive efficient support from Team Seqrite.

11. What types of technical support are available?

The support page includes options like FAQs, Live chat support, raising a ticket and email support.

12. Can I directly get in contact with a support executive?

Yes. You can call us on our support numbers. Select your country and dial the corresponding number. The toll free numbers for India are listed along with the timings.

13. How can I buy HawkkEye?

If you are a new user, you can register for a trial on the portal

If you are an existing customer of Seqrite EPS on Cloud, or Seqrite mSuite, you can login to HawkkEye after registration and onboarding.

14. Can I go for a trial version before I buy?

Yes, if you are an existing customer of Seqrite EPS on Cloud or Seqrite mSuite, you can sign up for the trial version from within the License page on your Seqrite product console. If you are a new user, you can register for a trial on the portal

15. How do I start using HawkkEye after I buy a commercial license?

You have to onboard/register from the HawkkEye portal, then you can get in touch with Seqrite sales team and get the license key modified as per the requirement.

16. How many endpoints mobile/PC can HawkkEye support at a time?

This depends on the license that you have purchased for the point products, Seqrite EPS on Cloud or Seqrite mSuite

17. Can I use HawkkEye with my other endpoint products that I already purchased?

Yes, you can use Seqrite HawkkEye either with Seqrite EPS on Cloud or Seqrite mSuite.

18. Can I increase the number of endpoints after I have bought HawkkEye?

You need to contact the Seqrite Sales team to upgrade your point product license to increase the number of endpoints.

19. What type of data does HawkkEye collect? Is my private data safe with HawkkEye?

Seqrite HawkkEye does not collect any private data.

20. Does HawkkEye also provide antivirus protection to my endpoints? 

Seqrite HawkkEye in itself does not offer any antivirus protection. The point products Seqrite EPS on Cloud and Seqrite mSuite do have antivirus protection inbuilt.

21. Can employees in my company use their private devices also for official work?

Yes, Seqrite mSuite supports the BYOD model to allow company employees use the private devices for official work.

22. Is HawkkEye GDPR compliant?

Yes, Seqrite HawkkEye, and the point products Seqrite EPS on Cloud and Seqrite mSuite are GDPR compliant.